At first glance your website seems very low budget, are you for real?

I assure you I am for real.  Visit the SUPERSTORE page and go inside the SUPERSTORE and you will see that I am for real.  I believe in keeping my prices low and to do that some things need to be no frill.  You could say that BUCK NIKIT IS STRPPING DOWN TO LOW PRICES!
Do you sell bootlegs or counterfeits?

NO, I would never sell bootlegs or counterfeits.  First, it is illegal.  Second, it would ruin the relationships that I have with my adult star friends and their companies because they would never want to deal with someone who was stealing from them.  Third, I believe in giving my customers the best quality product, which is always the real thing.

How do you keep your prices so low if your items are not bootlegs or counterfeit?

I have been dealing personally and professionally with adult stars, their agents, and their production companies for over 15 years.  I have worked deals with these people to bring the best products to the masses for the best prices.  BUCK NIKIT WANTS TO GIVE YOU THE MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!   

What about the signed DVDs that are not available in the SUPERSTORE?  How did you get these and Why are they not offered in the SUPERSTORE?

I deal with many adult stars, their agents, and their production companies.  I am able to have these stars sit and signed DVD covers.  Because many of these signed items are signed on a limited basis I keep them out of the SUPERSTORE so I do not sell something that is no longer available.
What about your EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE signings?  How do you arrange those?

I have built a good rapport with many people in the adult entertainment industry and I have both personal and business relationships with many of todays top adult stars.  I make it easy for them to sit and sign items in private, this way they only have to take an hour or so out of their life to sign the items without being mobbed by hundreds of fans.  I make it safe and easy for stars to sit and sign items.  BUCK NIKIT IS WHERE THE STARS COME SIGN!

Who has been the biggest name that you ever had for an EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE AUTOGRAPH signing?

That would be a tie.  Stella Stevens, the mainstream actress and January 1960 Playboy Playmate, was a big deal to get because she does not like signing Playboy related items and I was able to get her to sit and sign 150 Playboy trading cards.  She charges an astronomical price to sign Playboy items because she somehow feels that it hurt her career.  I also think getting "The Love Twins", Lindsey and Lacey Love , was a big deal.  The two girls do not make public appearances and suffer from anxiety when confronted with big crowds, yet I was able to arrange for them to sit and sign over 100 DVDs so that their fans could get legitimate signed items from them.  I am also proud of the fact that I was having Jenna Jameson sign items before she was the biggest adult star ever. Also, one of my most controversial signers, Amy Fisher (The Long Island Lolita) was one of my most successful signers ever.
Do you sell autograph reprints?


Do you sell fake or forged autographs?

NO NEVER.  I have either personally seen every item that I sell signed in person, received the item directly from the star or their agent, or I have received the signed items from very reputable sources that I trust.  

Who are your favorite adult stars?

In no particular order my favorites are Jill Kelly, Shayla LaVeaux, Blake Mitchell, Greta Carlson, Teri Weigel, Jeanna Fine, Sarah Vandella, Victoria Paris, Jewel De'Nyle, Mary Carey, Kylie Ireland, Nina Hartley, Lisa Ann, Alexis Texas, Julia Ann, Sara Jay, and Stormy Daniels.  I know I am missing a few so do not be offended if you are an adult star not on this list.

What is your favorite autograph moment?

Meeting former First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, during her book signing tour in 2003, when she was a Senator.  Not only did I get 2 books signed by her but I was also interviewed by television and newspaper reporters.  I was shown and quoted on the news (They even used me as a voice over for a full day leading into the news) and I was quoted in the newspaper.  It is funny because had any of these reporters known who I was or what I did for a living I do not think they would have interviewed me.

Who are the best adult star autograph signers that you have met?

Jill Kelly, Shayla LaVeaux, Jeanna Fine, and Summer Cummings, Kayden Kross, Asa Akira,  to name a few.

Who are the worst autograph signers in your experience?

Janine (She accused me of taking food from her kid's mouth after I offered her $20 per signature).  Revenge was mine having obtained her AVN Hall Of Fame Lifetime Achievment Award.
Melissa Lauren (revenge was mine when I bought the contents to her storage locker). Tera Patrick (thanks to her ex-husband/agent, Evan Seinfeld aka Spider Jones.  If you ever hear the term suitcase pimp, he is the exact definition of that.)  She is still a horrible signer even now that she is retired.
Monique Alexander (she skipped out on me after agreeing to sign items).
Allie Haze (was good when she was first started but is increasingly harder to get).
Kendra Lust as she is willing to sign cheap for bootleggers of her material but wanted to charge me $40 per signature to have her sign legit DVDs.

What are your favorite items in your personal collection?

Besides many of the 1 of a kind outfits that have been worn/used in films, I would have to say the many AVN awards I have obtained directly from the stars.  I have over 20+ AVN awards that are proudly displayed in my office.  I also currently have 1 of adult star Houston's, used and sterilized breast implants on display in my office.

How big is your personal autograph collection?

I personally have over 500+ signed DVDs, 3,000+ signed photos/slicks, 200+ signed magazines, 25,000+ baseball cards, 100+ signed baseballs, and numerous other items like signed baseball bats and mini-helmets.   

Do you only deal with adult DVDs and memorabilia?

No, I have started to sell more mainstream DVD titles and as I meet more athletes and mainstream actors, I try to get extra items signed to trade and sell with fellow collectors.

Do you buy collections?

I am always looking to add onto my vast inventory if someone is willing to part with their collection.  They can let me know what they have and we can discuss it further.
How can I contact you?

Email me at bucknikit@verizont.net  or on facebook at Buck Nikit or on twitter @BuckNikit
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